Langtang Region

Lantang trekking

Up through the forest to start with and along the valley to the Everest View Point! Woooo! First sighting! Although regrettably we did have to ask which one it was! Damn tourists! Really cool views of the whole range though. Down to Ringmu for lunch and then up to our 2nd pass. Not quite as high but still covered in prayer flags etc and more great views. Another really hard walk down towards Nunthala. Playing word games to keep us occupied, neither wanting to think about how long it would actually take us to get there – never really sure how accurate the guide will be! Had to persuade Anna to walk the last bit down, sore legs, and really both exhausted! But reached Nunthala and had a nice bucket shower and after forcing some food down we crashed.

Langtang Region : 2017

Lantang trekking

Langtang Valley Trekking

THE LANGTANG TREK - (11 days)…A wonderful introduction to trekking in Nepal…amidst some of the most beautiful scenery found in Asia…ironically, just a few miles away from the bustling capital of Kathmandu Trekking in the spectacular Langtang Valley Trekking is the closest you could get to the massive snow capped… Read More »

Goshainkunda Laubinayek pass Trek

Goshainkunda Lauribinayek Pass Helambu Trekking

TREKKING TO THE GOSAIKUNDA & LAURABINAYAK - 11 DAYS Holidays come once in a year, but the experience could be once in a lifetime. The lovely Gosainkunda Lakes trek is one such epic as we hike through exquisite meadows and lush hamlets that take us through the challenging Laurebinayak Pass… Read More »

Tamang Heritage Trail

Lantang Tamang Heritage Trail Trek

Langtang Tamang Heritage Trail Trek is a new route that’s become much popular in the Langtang region. The route opens a window to an exceptional ethnic culture that’s found in the Tamang community who inhabit this area with their ancestry found in Tibet; they follow mystical customs & traditions that… Read More »