Client Reviews

Everest Base Camp Trip

The Everest Base Camp trip led by Sunil my Guide was one of the most extraordinary and epic undertaking of my life. It is truly a unique and rewarding experience where the destination was actually only a footnote of the entire journey.

Punctuated by great weather and a fantastic guide, we trekked far and wide in one of the most amazing places on our earth. Sunil was very knowledgeable and gave life to the mountains that we walked in. He provided me context and meaning by explaining the historical context of the mountain paths which made the trip the more worthwhile. He was an even more important source of support when the goings got tough as the altitude numbers climbed higher and higher.

In my experience, the tough journeys are the memorable ones. Good things are earned not obtained. This was a trip that definitely required me to work hard before reaping the rewards at the end of the journey. I would recommend this trip to anyone who has the grit to explore something amazing and I would also wish to thank Sunil from the bottom of my heart for my safekeeping and to make this trip worthwhile even through the hard times