Gokyo Chola Pass Kalapathar EBC Trek

station at 5.30am to find all of the buses canceled as there was a big Hindu festival. We had heard about it but were assured the buses would be running. So back to the hostel and spent the day relaxing, tried our first dhal bat (very typical nepali dish – rice, lentils normally with some curry veg and pickles also).

Tried again the next day with more success, although we didn’t bother with such an early start. Only 300 rupees each and we were urgently ushered into the bus to sit there for ages! But were on our way by 7am though, driving through a ridiculous fog and could hardly see 5 meters in front, bus driver whizzing along. Out of the fog though into the winding hills, cool views of the fog filled valley with the Himalaya in the background.

Didn’t take long before we broke down, so most people off and they had to change a flat tire. Obviously done it a few times before though so on our way in no time. Enjoying the local bus, people jumping on and off, sitting on the roof

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